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Play Store APK

The world of applications has not seen a better viewing site than in the Play Store, this application designed for downloading Apps for the Android system, is the best weighted window by millions of users around the world.

Inspired by this spirit of improvements and good acceptance, this year 2020 the new version called 23.6.16 APK of the Play Store has come out, an update of the classic application that comes to renew several functions and make capabilities and options available to users expanded and enhanced.

Play Store APK

The APK of the Play Store now allows access to updates that, although it is true they must be automated, they do not always reach that immediate process and require a manual search for their application in improvements.

For smart mobile phones recently released, Android has incorporated the best ones directly, inserted in the series of programs already organized in the list of available applications.

In the cases of equipment not so recent but, with the ability to be compatible with this version, it is necessary to resort to a series of steps for a successful installation. For this reason we will see below how we can download this new version and enjoy its remarkable advances

How to download Play Store APK

The first element to consider is that the APK for the Play Store is usually identified as a file that does not come from the application, so some computers do not allow its installation directly. You will have to access the Settings and orient yourself to the Security option, there we will have to enable the files or programs of unknown source or origin.

We must consider that we already have the Play Store previously installed to access the App. With the help of the web we will have to locate the latest version of the Play Store APK, in the Files directory we look for the downloads section. We locate the downloaded file by executing it.

The system will then follow a series of simple steps, which must be confirmed at all times. Accepting the policy terms, the new version will be installed in a few minutes, this last process always depends on time, based on the type of speed to the web.

Features of Play Store APK

Once we have finished downloading the APK file, we can access our Play Store in its new version. We must highlight the new features consolidated in the already known ones.

The application brings with it an internal security system called Play Protec, designed to take care of the App from damaged, defective or infested files or Apps. It is an effective component that allows us to have the security of more comprehensive downloads and little compromising in damage to the internal capacities of the applications and the equipment.

The new version allows access to a library, where we can share content with other close people, the option allows it to do so with up to 5 users affiliated with the account. Likewise, the service interface and the enhanced download system have been simplified, so that downloads can be made up to 5 times faster than in other applications.

The categories have been improved and this enables us to better access or view the content available in the Play Store APK. The information of each application has been detailed in the best way, you can see the comments of recent users and the scores are updated more immediately.