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How to update Play Store to the latest version

Play Store is one of the most used Android applications in the world, it has become a reference for many other Apps of the same nature. Considered the best in its style is the library of applications available for the system on devices of all kinds, its functionality is one of the simplest, everything is limited to one click on Install and having a good storage index.

Android Play Store

The point of the applications is that each time they are subjected to updates that improve their functions, usually the developers of these make these advances postulate the new versions of the applications per year. The updated versions always consider the most recurring needs of users and seek to simplify each one’s processes.

In the case of the Play Store there is no escape from this reality and this is well appreciated by the most assiduous users of its use. Since its launch, the App has been updated on a number of occasions where it has confirmed its desire to become the best of its kind.

New version

Currently the most recent version of the Play Store is the APK formulated in the year 2020, in the case of a more comfortable presentation for users, in which the automatic update system has been improved so that the best ones can be appreciated in a better time.

Usually the Play Store is updated every week, these best ones are made in consideration of the contents and the publication of new available applications. Regarding the new versions of the Apps, the contents are renewed monthly.

Update to the new version

To adapt to the new version of the application, the update process does not always take place automatically, so it is necessary to search for the new version manually, for this we will see a step by step for this simple process.

The first thing we must do is check the version that we carry, for this we go to the menu identified with three lines, then in the Settings section we will find out the version that we carry, we will identify it in the lower part identified with a 1.0 number, 2.0, 2.1 or whatever is obtained. We have mentioned that the current version is the Play Store APK, in the case of having a lower identity we proceed as follows.

Click on the indicated version and we will get a pop-up message which will indicate that a new available version will be downloaded. Having accepted this update, the system will automatically install the improvement. The process can last a few seconds or a few minutes depending on the speed of the network that we have.

We can notice some improvements for the Play Store in options and styles, the display is always at a simple level and it will not change significantly. The most notable changes are denoted in the improvement of the search engine and in the update of the applications already installed, as well as the content of Apps that you can use.