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Developer:Google | Latest Version Version: 32.4.15 - 21

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Android applications can come from any store that the user has to download. However, the largest, safest and most official store of the operating system is the Google Play Store.

Everyone knows that Android is the most widely used operating system for mobile devices in the world.

Except for a few few exceptions, the Play Storee is installed by default on mobile terminals. From this fabulous store you can access a large number of different applications that are approved by Google. Play Store is the first choice of all application developers and users who install them.

How Play Store works?

For its part, Play Stores is an application that is updated with certain frequency. As soon as you enter you will be able to find some of the most popular applications that the Google Play Store itself suggests you download. Over time and hours of use, the Play Store s itself will suggest applications that have to do with your tastes.

Android Play Store

It’s easy to find an App

The best way to get that application that you know and want to install is to use the application’s own search engine. At the top of the Play Store you can see the text bar in which you enter the name of the App or a similar keyword and in a few seconds you can find it.

Lists and categories

Let’s start by talking about the lists. These simply gather the applications that according to their numbers, and therefore their popularity, are the most downloaded by users. It is possible to see the main free and paid applications, those that generate the most sales and you can even break them down by categories.

For their part, the categories collect a series of applications that resemble each other. There are an immense number of categories, according to which you can discover applications that have to do with some of your tastes. For example, some of the most relevant categories are: Video Apps, Beauty, Food & Drink, Shopping, Communication, Education, Lifestyle, Sports, etc.

While with the categories you can locate applications that have to do with your particular tastes, with the lists you can see which of these are being successful among users. In any case, you can put everything you want in the search engine and the Play Storee will deliver highly optimized results for applications that are very similar to what you are looking for.

Editor’s Pick

There is another section of the Google Play Store where Play Store editors can suggest to users a small number of applications that they believe are the best they can currently download. The apps curated by the editor may be some of the best you can have.

The list is short and continually updated, but it offers the opportunity to download applications for various purposes that publishers have deemed indispensable. Many of the best apps on the planet have been found in this section. From applications for the weather, delivery, positioning and even to take notes.

For the family

It is a section that is completely dedicated to parents and their children. It contains a compendium of useful applications and games that are designed for children. It offers great help, since you can select age ranges, categories and many things that are only intended for children.

Games, books and movies

The main page of the Play Store houses only applications, divided into categories and lists of all kinds. However, the application has other sections specially designed to host games, movies and books. In some cases, these sections may have separate Google Play Store applications that may be installed by default.

They work exactly the same, they also present lists and categories and in case of making a purchase, the same payment methods are used. It is possible to get news, especially in the movies and books sections. The best games for Android can be downloaded directly from the Play Stores.

Google Play Store: Your account

All you need to have a Google Play Store account is to have an email and a mobile device associated with the account. From the application you can access a menu with all the Apps that you already have installed and their periodic updates.

You also have notifications and some subscriptions that you can join. If by chance you have applications that you want / can download at the moment, you can include them in the wish list and they will stay there so that you can review as much as you want and install them when you have them yourself.

Configure what you want. Include your payment methods in a secure way, verify each application with Play Protec and even change the appearance of the application with the dark mode. You have a guide for parents who want to control the applications that their children install and a lot of questions and comments with which you can clarify a series of doubts.

How to Install Play Store

· Android / Mac / iPhone / Tablet

First of all you must go to the link that we provide in this post, for this you just have to click on it and access the official download page for greater security. It’s free!

Once inside, you will have to press the blue rectangle that reads “Download File” and the free download will begin. It is an APK file, so you will have to enable “unknown sources” from settings in order to install correctly. Then, we open it and click on Install.

Next, we will have to install all the applications that appear, such as the services provided by Google play. After this, it would only be necessary to install the Play Store for Android, Mac, tablet or iPhone.

To check that everything is installed correctly you can open Gmail and verify that everything is correct.